The music industry is not always loyal to the lazy and ragged, and managers and producers do not always want to risk their wallet for insane ideas of unknown musicians.…

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What is an equalizer?
Equalizer (English equalize - “equalize”, the general abbreviation - “EQ”), timbre is a device or a computer program that allows you to increase or decrease the volume of individual zones…

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"Graduation" 10 years later
"Graduation", of course, was not the first loud disc in Kanye's discography. By 2007, the West had the hands of a full-fledged mainstream artist, who wasn’t playing a gangsta authenticity…


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DIY (from English do it yourself) is a popular phenomenon among young people, the basis of which is the production of any kind of product with their own hands. However, such amateur activity is not limited to making funny articles on educational videos on YouTube. Modern DIY affects even such a serious area as the music business.
For most artists, music has long ceased to be a hobby that is practiced for the soul. The modern music industry is a well-established business, where in the first place is not the performing talent, but the producer. Continue reading


Perhaps artists can be divided into two types: some release fresh releases along with a fresh calendar, others make them wait for their new products for years. 2017 has already managed to please us with new albums from artists such as Ed Sheeran, Imagine dragons, Lana Del Rey and many others – they delight their fans not even annually, but still remain on hearing. And there were such releases, in anticipation of which we really managed to get bored.
In 2005, indie pop band The xx appeared in London. Continue reading


Rock clubs as a phenomenon emerged in the Soviet Union under the very curtain of its existence, partially adopting the features of its Western counterparts, but on the whole became something completely new. And Leningrad, being one of the cradles of rock music along with Sverdlovsk and Moscow, acquired its own organizations and platforms that embodied the ideas and philosophy of new music.
The Leningrad rock club is the first place in the USSR where rock bands, which later became cult, gathered together with the permission of the authorities. Let’s try to figure out how this legendary site appeared, and why the rock club is popular today.
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The emergence of folk punk was preceded by a wave of popularization of folk rock, as such. If there was an opportunity to return 60 years ago and find ourselves in the States, we would be able to catch the flourishing of this genre. Folk-rock combines elements of rock and folk – in other words, folklore.
Folk-punk: history, features, groups of Dropkick Murphys
A new genre, rapidly gaining crazy popularity began, oddly enough, with a cover version of the song “Mr. Tambourine Man ”by Bob Dylan performed by The Byrds. Continue reading


When the melancholic post-punk had already gained its momentum, and the optimistic ethereal had not yet found all of its listeners, a new style of alternative rock appeared – dream pop.
What is Dream Pop Beach House
It happened in the early 80s in Europe. Dream Pop was distinguished by its airiness and created a mysterious medieval atmosphere. It is believed that the founders of the style was the group Cocteau Twins. The guys from Scotland created a unique sound. Continue reading

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Why all the same noise music?
This article will discuss not so much about noise, as you might think, after reading the title, but about the music played by the musicians and the musicians themselves. The…


About the dangers of working in "star" teams
Many musicians who have never worked in the accompanying compositions of national pop stars naively believe that for the musician this is an undoubted success, contributing to further professional and…


Top foreign nonformat albums
A bit late, but still publish our top for 2017 from the best foreign releases that do not have (or have a minimal) relation to hip-hop and are usually published…